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Renaissance Manor of Cabot



Life has its challenges. Some of them - an accident, a chronic illness, or major surgery - can be tough to cope with.That's why we're here: to help families through the inevitable health crises that are a part of life. From long-term skilled nursing care to short-term rehabilitation, we offer a full range of health care services designed to help individuals achieve the highest possible quality of life.
When someone you love can no longer function well on their own due to advancing age, an injury, or a chronic health care condition, we can help. We provide a safe, secure, and comfortable environment and care services designed to help each individual live with as much independence and dignity as possible. Our center has available comfortable rooms that offer residents a quiet place to rest after a busy day of rehabilitative therapy, or if you choose, interesting individual activities and group social events.In addition to these amenities, you may be surprised to find another type of creature comfort at our center. Not too long ago, health care researchers discovered a surprising fact about people and companion animals. Studies showed that interacting with a friendly pet had positive health effects on humans. Stroking a cat lowered blood pressure. Playing with a puppy alleviated symptoms of depression. And so on.That's why, in nearly every CPL center you'll find a program that seeks to involve residents with friendly animals, either in residence or visiting. These non-human "therapists" bring fun, affection, entertainment, joy - and yes, positive health benefits - to residents, staff and family members alike.