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Northeast Arkansas / Missisippi River Plain: Skilled Nursing Communities and Nursing Homes


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Although sometimes referred to as the Ozark Mountains, the region is a high and deeply dissected plateau. Geologically, the area is a broad dome around the Saint Francois Mountains. The Ozark Highlands area, the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas and Oklahoma, and the Black Hills of South Dakota are the only major highland regions in the U.S. between the Appalachians and the Rocky Mountains. The Ozarks and Ouachitas are sometimes referred to collectively. For example, the ecoregion called Ozark Mountain Forests includes the Ouachita Mountains, although the Arkansas River valley and the Ouachitas, both south of the Boston Mountains, are not usually considered part of the Ozarks.


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News from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Arkansas law enforcement and community members gathered Monday to honor one a Little Rock police dog who died earlier this month after chasing and subduing a burglary suspect.


LITTLE ROCK Arkansas Children's Hospital says it has received $1.5 million to help fund an endowed chair dedicated to research.


The Little Rock Zoo has a new baby chimpanzee and is asking for the public's help in selecting a name.


HARRISON An Arkansas woman says she finally has received a check in the mail that she had been waiting on for about 17 years.


A man mowing a field behind his house found a decomposing body in the grass Sunday, authorities said.


At least three aging buildings in Pine Bluff have collapsed over the past year, spilling rubble onto Main Street's sidewalks. Another is in danger of toppling any day, city inspectors say.


Benton Mayor David Mattingly is proposing a new tax cut for residents of the Saline County city, a year after a previous effort was stymied by an amendment in the state's constitution.


Across their khaki Boy Scouts uniforms, many of the teens gathered at Little Rock's Riverfront Park on Sunday wore a white sash with a red arrow.


In the digital age, when routes routinely can be plotted with a smartphone, the cartographer who oversees the production of the paper version of the Arkansas State Highway Map isn't quite read...


Rising property value in Washington County means more tax money for county services and budgets, but the amount isn't set in stone yet.


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