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Southern Georgia: Assisted Living Communities


Of Interest

News from South Georgia from WALB

Former president of the Southwest Georgia Home Builders Association Jack Daniel Garrett was indicted by the Dougherty County Grand Jury for fraud and false statements Wednesday.


Albany Police are prepping to prevent an increase in crime on Halloween.


Albany is starting to catch up to a national trend of rising home prices, but those price increases nationwide are starting to slow down.


A Westover High School student is facing a tribunal hearing after he brought a gun to school Wednesday morning.


Albany police are trying to determine who threw a dog out of a moving vehicle.


Zombies may be walking the streets this Halloween, but if you're more concerned about the real thing, one company has you covered.


During Halloween people aren't the only ones who get dressed up.


 Fire officials say the A.P.D. found the car after someone spotted it floating in the river Wednesday afternoon,  and called police.


A local civic group wants your old suitcases and luggage to help children who have to move homes for their safety


Decatur County residents are questioning a new county policy they say could waste their tax money.


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