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New York: Senior Housing Communities


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With 62 counties, New York is the country's third most populous state. It is bordered by Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania, and shares an international border with the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario. Its five largest cities are New York City (also the largest city in the United States), Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, and Syracuse.


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Latest Local News from the New York Post Online Edition

Hundreds of sweltering residents were still without electricity in the baked Apple on Sunday. A patchy blackout that began in East Harlem on Saturday night continued, although Con Ed said it was makin...


Donald Trump Jr. said Sunday that he?d ?love to? make New York City great again by running for mayor ? after he?s helped his old man win the White House. Trump Jr. ? who scored high marks for his stan...


A Hudson River ferry boat from the World Financial Center made a hard landing at its Jersey City pier, injuring several passengers. It was unclear how many people were hurt in the 7:30 p.m. Friday acc...


This is the moment two hero cops in the Bronx helped save the life of a 3-year-old boy whose desperate dad ran up to them holding the boy?s limp body. The father approached Officer Ariel Zaremba outsi...


Todd Licea, 50, is a professional actor from Manhattan whose career began in 1996 with a guest role on the popular children?s TV show ?Bill Nye the Science Guy.? He has also done movies, regional thea...


A month after President Obama appointed tech mogul Ranvir Trehan a trustee of the prestigious Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Trehan wrote a $100,000 check to benefit Obama?s presidential libr...


Headlines for Long Island from

The Salvation Army is offering emergency financial aid over the next four weeks to Long Islanders who have lost jobs since September. The grants - which are being funded by local Wal-Mart and Target d...


The president of the Long Island Rail Road is taking steps to reinforce regulations barring unauthorized people from riding in a train engineer's cab, following allegations that a LIRR conductor allow...


Since he was a baby, Ed Kelley has spent most summer weekends at the West End 2 area of Jones Beach. Until this year.


For the past two weeks, more than 50 companies that use Advantage Payroll Services in Freeport have been calling to "show their displeasure" about the federal minimum wage, which rises 70 ce...


Bryant Neal Vinas, who grew up in Patchogue, helped attack a U.S. base and funneled information on the LIRR and subway to al-Qaida.


Editors of a Suffolk weekly newspaper, the South Shore Press, said they were just trying to be "bipartisan."


Local News from The NY Times

Justin Peck?s vivid work makes a formidable impression, a remarkable achievement for such a young, prolific choreographer.


Roy J. Lester, who was a lifeguard at Jones Beach State Park on Long Island from 1968 to 2006, said a new rule about lifeguard swimsuit attire was intended to get rid of older lifeguards.


The bride is a first-grade teacher, and the groom works in private investments.


The couple met 10 years ago while waiting in line to buy tickets to a high school hockey game.


A hedge fund manager who hosted a rowdy fund-raiser says the party was no worse than others, but attracted undue media because of a dispute with the owner.


Dogs using the service entrance, inaccuracies in listings, and wiring in co-ops.


Having declared himself New York?s primary transportation advocate, the governor now needs to make a sustained political effort.


Kat Sullivan decided to come forward after a classmate at the elite boarding school in Troy, N.Y., contacted her.


Leopard slugs, a hermaphroditic gastropod commonly found under a wide variety of boards rocks and flowerpots in New York City, has a mating ritual that would make Caligula blush.


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