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NYC Metro: Skilled Nursing Communities and Nursing Homes


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The New York City Metro is the most populous metropolitan area in the United States and the fourth most populous in the world (after Tokyo, Seoul, and Mexico City).

The metropolitan area is defined by the United States Census Bureau as the New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, NY-NJ-PA Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), with an estimated population (as of 2005) of 18,747,320. The MSA is further subdivided into four metropolitan divisions. The 23-county metropolitan area includes the seven counties that constitute New York City and Long Island, twelve counties in northern New Jersey, three counties north of New York City in New York State, and one county in northeastern Pennsylvania.


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Latest Local News from the New York Post Online Edition

The sister of the man charged with setting off bombs in New Jersey and New York and injuring more than 30 people this month told police in August 2014 that he was getting ready to hit her with a dumbb...


Honey enthusiasts are suing a California-based producer, claiming it advertises its product as ?100 percent natural,? but it actually contains a ?dangerous? herbicide. Sue Bee honey contains a carcino...



A public-relations exec is suing the city for $500,000, saying undercover cops tackled him to the ground and pepper-sprayed him for bumming a smoke. Thomas Girbes-Pierce II was leaving The Standard ho...


New Yorkers got a tragic reminder Tuesday of the daily dangers firefighters face keeping this city safe: Battalion Chief Michael Fahy lost his life in a Bronx explosion ? the first FDNY line-of-servic...


A Brooklyn federal judge ? who admitted he doesn?t do social media ? was all frowny faced ?sorry? emoji Tuesday as he apologized to a group of Facebook lawyers for losing his cool with one of their co...


Local News from The NY Times

The village?s setting on the Hudson, its cultural diversity and its access to the city are draws for many residents.


The village?s setting on the Hudson, its diversity and its access to the city are draws for many residents.


Watson, the IBM computer platform that dominated on ?Jeopardy!? and has helped fight cancer, is part of a pilot program that will help teachers build personalized lesson plans.


In a news conference at the Garden, where he will face Eddie Alvarez in November, McGregor announced: ?I run New York, I run this whole city.?


In his debate with Hillary Clinton, Mr. Trump uttered elaborate fiction about tactics still used by the New York Police Department.


A downtown debut for the Spago chef, soft-serve from a high-end trailer and more restaurant news.


Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo presented a plan that would create a train hall in the James A. Farley Building on the west side of Eighth Avenue by 2020, while renovating the passageways at Penn Station.


Monday night, Mrs. Clinton displayed her preparedness and her quick wit, her affection for granular policy detail and her eagerness to throw flames and flip the script on Donald J. Trump.


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