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Philadelphia Metro: Senior Housing Communities


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The Delaware Valley is the name of the metropolitan area centered on the city of Philadelphia in the United States. The region is named for the Delaware River which flows through it. The Office of Management and Budget officially defines the region as the Philadelphia–Camden–Wilmington metropolitan area.

The Delaware Valley is composed of several counties in Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, and contains a population of 5.8 million (as of the 2006 Census Bureau estimate). Philadelphia, being the region's major commercial, cultural, and industrial center, maintains a rather large sphere of influence that affects those counties that immediately surround it. The majority of the region's populace reside in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The Philadelphia–Camden–Wilmington is the fifth-largest metropolitan area in the United States[1] and is located in the southern end of the BosWash megalopolis, the name given for a group of metropolitan areas in the northeastern United States, extending from Boston to Washington, D.C.


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