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Tennessee: Assisted Living Communities


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Tennessee is a state located in the Southern United States. In 1796, it became the sixteenth state to join the Union. Tennessee is known as the "Volunteer State", a nickname it earned during the War of 1812, in which volunteer soldiers from Tennessee played a prominent role, especially during the Battle of New Orleans. The capital is Nashville and the largest city is Memphis.


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The doorbell rings, a package appears and the FedEx driver is off to his, or her, next stop. That is a daily scene played out across the world. But, how many trucks does it take to make that happen?...


"People who need to get transfusions every month for a number of blood diseases end up getting poisoned by the iron, and I've been working on how to fix that for many years."


"When I finally got the key and went inside of it, I thought, 'Golly, I can't believe people lived in this,'" he said. "I couldn't tear it down fast enough."


"I don't want us to continue to be low-wage, low-skilled, and if we are, don't incentivize it."


Amazon's creation of an athletic apparel line could continue the shake-up of the sportswear industry and retail environment.


Last week, Memphis Business Journal analyzed affluence data to compare the wealthiest cities and towns in Memphis to the wealthiest in Nashville, focusing primarily on suburbs. Given the diverse soc...


The South Main Market food hall is set to open this month with a bar, a deli, a coffee shop and a florist.


With gifts ranging from $9 to $1.6 million, Neiman Marcus has unveiled its 91st annual Christmas Book, stocked with items for those willing to pay a little extra for the perfect present. The 300-page...


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